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2017 Community Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Project

RE: 2017 Fall-Community Wide Tree Trimming and Hazardous Tree Removal 
Residents of the Vineyards of Greentree HOA:
Please be advised that Hyperion Tree Service has been contracted, by your Association, to perform tree trimming and dead tree removal services on community common grounds as well as tree trimming on your personal property (front and back). The work to be performed is to trim and shape all trees and ensure that private property trees are trimmed back from the roof and/or gutters.  We want to assure you that the goal of all tree trimming work we perform is to support the health and longevity of the trees.  We expect to perform and complete these services between mid to end of November 2017.
We understand that you might have specific concerns or goals related to these improvements. Should you not wish to be included in the personal tree trimming, you must OPT OUT and notify management by November 10th.  If we do not hear from you and you have a fenced in yard, access is required during this project.  
If you have any specific tree removal needs on your property, other than outlined in this project, please feel free to contact Mike for a proposal at 609-410-0747.  As a reminder, any exterior modification will require prior approval.
We will provide updates and parking requirements as we get closer to the project date.
Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions at 888-884-8490.
We appreciate your cooperation.

Report Streetlight Outage

Report Streetlight Outage

Is there a streetlight out in your neighborhood? If you’re a PSE&G electric customer, you can report a streetlight through My Account. Log In or register now, or call us at
If you are not a PSE&G electric customer, please contact the utility that provides your electric service.
Important Note: The pole number (found on the metal tag on pole), street name, nearest cross street, and “in front of address” are needed to help us locate and complete the repair.

what to know before you buy

HOA Basics: What to Know Before You Buy

Tuesday, May 23, 2017— (TNS)—Before signing on the dotted line for your new home, make sure you know what your homeowners association fees are and what they cover. Because most planned communities have HOAs whether you're buying a detached home, condo or townhome, factoring in that added cost is a necessary part of your home-buying budget.

            Depending on the amenities, HOA fees can be a big bite out of the budget. Monthly fees typically range from $150 on the very low end up to $850.

            What does that payment cover each month? That depends on where you live.

            The most basic HOAs maintain the common areas of a community. That can be landscaping, but it can also include a recreation center, a pool, playground, and walking trails. The general rule is, the more amenities, the higher the fees. Some high-end condominium complexes have everything from concierges to 24-hour security as well as fitness centers, spas, saunas and conference rooms.

            The VineyardsAssociations is a fee-simpletownhome complex itwill cover most things outside the individual units, such as the common areas. The HOA should also have insurance for the pool housebuilding.

            City services such as trash removal, water and sewage are also commonly covered by HOAs. The dues budget is compiled year to year based on previous years expenditures..

            In addition to maintenance and amenities, HOAs also have rules, called by-laws, rules, & regs.,covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) that all homeowners must follow. That can be anything from how many cats you can own and what color you paint your house to whether your kids can play in the street or you can have a boat in the driveway, or park a commercial truck. HOAs are responsible for enforcing these rules and often pay a professional property management company to communicate with the homeowners and make sure everyone is in compliance. Property management companies are also responsible for the community's day-to-day operations and maintenance.

            Be aware that HOAs are able to levy special assessments for major repairs, if needed.

            Before buying a home, research these three key elements:

1. Financial Health of the HOA
            Make sure the HOA is properly funded. Request a copy of financials available to homeowners. Check out how often dues have been increased over the years.

2. Maintenance Responsibility
            What is the HOA's responsibility and what is the homeowner's responsibility?

3. CC&Rs
            Understand the rules before you buy.

            The more you know, the easier it is to make the right decision.

New Lockbox Information 

 The Vineyards at Greentree HOA BANKING CHANGE

 Important information about how to make your payments for January 1, 2017  forward

 Dear Valued Homeowner,

 As part of our continued dedication to provide excellence of service, we are thrilled to announce that effective January 1, 2017, The Vineyards at Greentree HOA’s accounts will be handled by Pacific Premier Bank. This move will benefit your association in many ways and will also benefit you with a local processing center!

 What you need to know based on your payment method

 Payments by Mail
     Send your payments to the new NJ address reflected on your upcoming statements

 Payments by ACH (Direct Debit) or Credit Card
     If you currently pay by ACH or credit card, there are no changes

 Payments by Bill Pay (through your personal bank account)
     Update your bank account information with the following mailing address:

 The Vineyards at Greentree HOA
 PO Box 60002
 Newark, NJ 07101

Monthly Dues

Just a reminder that Association dues are payable on the 1st of every month and should be submitted along with the provided coupon.  Not paying on time causes an un-necessary cash flow issues.  We are making every attempt to collect past dues which will help to keep our dues structure as low as possible for all residents.  If you are in arrears and want to make arrangements please call our management company 888-884-8490 ask for Kristine Clancy. 



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